Building a Humble Community

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When we opened Humble Bicycle Co. we planned out our goals for what we wanted the store to be. Our biggest goal was not to make millions, buy a big yacht and get about in white suits. What really mattered to us was building a sense of community around the store. Throughout the last month we’ve take part in & hosted a bunch of community focused activities.


Back in June we pledged to give $5 from every mountain bike we sold to local groups who build and maintain trails through our Dollars for Dirt program. At the start of October we did the sums and tallied up the total for our first donation. As a fairly new shop we hadn’t sold that many bikes, so we had to top it up a bit to make it better for the trails! We’ve been really stoked on MRORCA’s volunteer build days that fall on the first Sunday of every month, so we decided to give our first donation to them. We dropped in to their committee meeting at Swings Taphouse and presented them with a sweet novelty cheque to show our appreciation. They are going to put it towards a backpack blower to keep the pesky Karri leaves at bay. This is great news for Rex, as before breaking himself he claimed the title of ‘lord of the blower’ at the last dig day.


A little while back Kya from Cape Mountain Bikers approached us about doing a movie night in the shop to raise funds for Cape Mountain Bikers. She had a copy of The Moment to play, which chronicled the start of the freeride movement. Our response was ‘hell yeah!’. It ended up as a great night, we moved all the bikes from the sales floor and it was packed out with beanbags and camp chairs. The legends at Dunsborough Cellars helped the club out with some beverages to assist, we all pulled a bunch of wheelies in the carpark and ended up raising a fair chunk of cash for the Meelup trails. Great times!

On the Wednesday just gone we hosted Steve from On Track Mountain Bike Coaching and the bunch of junior rippers he coaches for a maintenance night. We showed the groms (and the parents!) how to wash and lube their bikes, assess them for any damage, how to use their tools correctly, and how to tune gears and break chains.

I recently had a run in with a rock while practising for the Serpentine Gravity Enduro round and broke my foot. When I first did it, the messages came flooding in, with loads of people feeling sorry for me and wishing me a speedy recovery. Humble Bosslady Lisa then joined me in the cripple club by breaking her ankle at the movie night, and once again everyone wanted to make sure she was okay, offered their help with anything we needed and have dropped in bearing muffins, soup and curry! While our injuries are a bummer, they have given me the chance to reflect on our original goals. Last night (Friday) I sat at the counter sipping beers with a bunch of our regulars and a new customer Karl while we watched Nick assemble his shiny new Santa Cruz Bronson dream machine. As I sat there, I realised we are well on our way to building a Humble community of riders in the South West, who are stoked on bikes, trails and just simply love the sport.

Rex Dubois